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Getting Your Home Rent Ready: 5 Tips for Property Management in Long Beach

Cleaning the Property

Don’t put your property on the rental market without cleaning it thoroughly. You need to make sure that all your personal belongings, or the belongings of former tenants, are removed. Then, hire a professional cleaning service to scrub the home from top to bottom. You want the floors to shine, the carpets to be steam-cleaned, and the surfaces and fixtures to be free of dust, grime, and dirt. Make sure to keep up with the cleaning so that tenants who come to see the home can imagine moving right in.

Making Repairs to the Property

You never want a prospective tenant to see broken appliances or non-functional systems at your property. Make sure you take care of all repairs before you put your property on the market, whether those repairs are major or minor. Everything should be working, and if things need to be replaced, make those investments. Tenants are not going to feel good about renting a home that still needs work.

Enhance Your Curb Appeal

First impressions matter, and part of getting your property rent ready means making a good first impression. Consider what the outside of your home or unit or building looks like. There should be no debris or trash in the yard, and you don’t want peeling paint on the door or broken blinds in the windows. Mow the lawn, keep the bushes trimmed, and make sure the front of your property looks inviting.

Advertising Your Home

Once your property looks good and is in excellent condition, you can begin advertising for tenants. Spend some time pricing it correctly so you aren’t faced with a long vacancy, and then post your listing online through all the rental websites people use to find homes. You should use pictures and videos, concise and positive descriptions, and details such as whether pets are allowed, and how much rent and deposits will be.

Schedule Showings

Strategic advertising will ensure that you generate plenty of interest in your home. Schedule showings and be responsive to the people who call or email for more information. Arrive at the property ahead of the scheduled time, and open the windows to ensure enough light is coming in. Set the heat or air conditioning to a comfortable level, and make sure the home looks and smells clean. Be prepared to instruct prospective tenants about your application process on the day of the showing.

These are 5 ways to get your property rent ready. If you have any additional questions, or you’d like more information about property management in Long Beach, please contact us at CMC Realty.

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