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How to Invest in Rental Property | Long Beach Property Management Education

Identifying Investment Opportunities

First, you’ll need to establish some investment goals so you know what you’re looking to buy. Single family homes always make excellent investments because you can charge higher rents and the value appreciates quicker, especially if you have a well maintained home in good condition. If you want to spend less, consider a condominium or some apartment units. You can also look at duplexes and multi-family buildings. You’ll need to know what your budget is, and how you expect your investment to perform.

Calculating Rental Amounts

You’ll need to know what kind of rents you can expect in order to determine whether a specific property will make financial sense for you. Talk to a professional property manager about a home’s potential before you buy. You’ll need to know what kind of tenants are in the area, how much they’ll be willing to pay, and what comparable homes are renting for. This will give you a rental range that can help you determine whether the ROI is worth your money.

Manage Long Term and Short Term Goals

Part of knowing how to invest in rental property is mapping out how long you expect to hold onto the property, and what you ultimately plan to do with it. Some investors buy a home that they will eventually retire in, and others want to flip property quickly. Whatever your plans, make sure you’re buying and financing your investment in a way that speaks to both your short term and long term goals. If earning the highest possible rent every month is more important than building equity and value over time, you’ll need to target certain types of properties with specific financing goals.

There’s a lot involved in owning rental property, and new investors can learn much from Long Beach property managers. If you have any questions, or you’d like to get started with some real estate investing, please contact us at CMC Realty. We’d be happy to help you.

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