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Pre-Rental Inspection Checklist | Property Management in Long Beach, CA

Before a tenant moves into your property, it’s critical to inspect and document the condition of the home. This will help you determine whether any damage was done so you can deduct funds from the security deposit after the tenant moves out. It’s a good idea to have a pre-rental inspection checklist so you’ll have a consistent process in place, and you’ll know exactly what to look for when you’re inspecting. These Long Beach Property Management tips for landlords can help.

Rental Move-in Checklist

Your checklist should be thorough and detailed. Make sure you are providing written documentation of how everything looks, from the front door to the windows to the flooring and the ceiling. Open every closet door and kitchen drawer. Make notes of anything that is damaged, old, or in need of repair. You’ll be comparing these notes to your inspection notes at the end of a tenancy, so include even the smallest details. Note if the ceiling fans are clear of dust, for example, and if all the light bulbs are working.

Including Photos and Video

The best way to support your written rental move-in checklist is to take a lot of photos and even a video. This will provide you with infallible evidence of how the property looked before the tenant took possession. Take pictures of appliances, floors, walls, and any exterior parts of the home or landscaping. You want to paint a clear and accurate picture of how the tenant is receiving the property.

Ask for Tenant Input

You’ll need the tenant to agree with you on the condition of the home before you hand over the keys. Have your new tenants sign and date the move-in checklist and add anything that they’d like to include. Maybe they will notice that a doorknob doesn’t turn properly or a scratch already exists on a floor. You’ll want them to have the opportunity to document these things so they aren’t charged for them when they move out. 

A good move-in inspection will make your move-out process more efficient later, and save you the trouble of engaging in disputes over the return of the security deposit. If you need help with your move-in process or anything related to property management in Long Beach, CA, please contact us at CMC Realty & Property Management.

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