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The Rental Advertising Guide for Property Management in Long Beach

Rental advertising is an important part of getting your property leased to good tenants quickly. When you are strategic with the way you market and advertise your home, you’ll get a tremendous response that allows you to collect multiple applications and have a choice of tenants.

Online Advertising Resources

Focus your advertising campaign online. There are a number of sites specific to rental properties, and most prospective tenants go to the internet to find a home. Some of the sites are free, and others will require payment. You want to try everything from to to and Many people like to advertise on Craigslist because it’s free and gets a lot of traffic. Design an ad that looks good in the digital space, and use lots of high-quality photos. You want to accurately describe the most appealing qualities of your home, and provide tenants with a reason to contact you. Videos can be an excellent way to help people feel like they are actually at the property. Get your listing on the MLS so that real estate agents all over the Long Beach area can access it and share it with their clients.

Be Responsive and Accessible

Tenants can move quickly from property to property, so make sure your home doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. When you receive a phone call or an email asking for more information about your property, respond right away. The longer you wait to return a phone call, the less likely it will be that you’re successfully able to schedule a showing. Make it easy for tenants to contact you, and make sure you’re available for showings whenever the tenants are available. This might include evenings and weekends.

Additional Advertising Resources

Supplement your online advertising plan with other strategies, such as yard signs. Your sign should be clear, professional, and complete with pertinent information such as how many Property Manager Talking about Rental Advertising?bedrooms the property has, what the monthly rent is, and your contact information. You can also think about the tenants who move into the Long Beach area from out of town. Develop relationships with relocation companies or businesses that often move people into town for work.

If you have any questions about rental advertising, how to rent out a house, or Long Beach property management in general, please contact us at CMC Realty.

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