Meet The Team

Charles Chang » President & Managing Broker
Picture of Charles Chang
As President and Managing Broker of CMC Realty & Property Management, Charles is committed to perfecting processes and systems, building strong owner-tenant relationships, and recruiting top talent to join the fast-growing CMC team. After graduating with a degree in Political Science from San Diego State University, Charles began investing in rentals in 1998 and launched CMC in 2005. A passionate outdoorsman and proud father of four children, Charles embraces the unique challenge that every day presents – and remains closely focused on providing excellent service while cultivating an exciting and inclusive company culture.
Barbara Chang » Director of Finance
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A tried and true “numbers person,” Barbara relishes her role as Director of Finance at CMC Realty & Property Management, where she oversees all Accounts Payable/Receivable. A member of the CMC team since 2006, Barbara is also a licensed and experienced real estate agent. Barbara enjoys spending time with her husband and their four children – and planning their next great vacation adventure together.
Raeanne Staniorski » Assistant Property Manager
Picture of Raeanne Staniorski
As the Assistant Property Manager for CMC Realty & Property Management, Raeanne is responsible for overseeing office administration and maintenance requests, along with assisting the CMC team in a wide variety of functions. Raeanne came to CMC in 2012 after four years at Long Beach-based Atlas Financial, where she served as a versatile office and project management assistant. A passionate Angels fan, Raeanne is also the proud mother of a young daughter.
Shannon Paul » Real Estate Sales
Picture of Shannon Paul
A proud Southern California resident for the past 40 years, Shannon specializes in residential and investment properties, along with property management. A keen observer of market trends, Shannon understands how to find the right type of property in the right neighborhood – and how to negotiate the best possible price for your sale or purchase. Shannon is also deeply connected, and can readily leverage her vast network of talented professionals – from lenders and inspectors to contractors and painters – to assure maximum customer satisfaction. A firm believer in enjoying her work and everyone else involved, Shannon also believes in treating your investments like they were her own.
Kes Burke » AP/AR Manager
Picture of Shannon Paul
Kes Burke joined the CMC Realty & Property Management team following a three-year stint in sales and marketing for Morgan Stanley and eight years in the accounting department of Liberty Mutual Insurance. Kes enjoys the exceptional level of care she gets to provide CMC clients and considers the potential of CMC to be “limitless.” Kes, who is married with two children, enjoys playing tennis and is an avid travel buff. In fact, her motto is, “If you haven’t traveled, you haven’t lived.”